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You have Math Phobia? Easy Steps to overcome it!!!

0 Comments June 25, 2018

What is Math Phobia? Math Phobia is ‘fear’ of mathematics. To have a good command of this subject,  learn it from the basics and without gaps. To get rid of Math Phobia Quit Negative attitude to the subject. Try to practice the problems by writing not by reading. Avoid copying the home works from your friends. […]

Addition of Polynomials

0 Comments June 21, 2018

Horizontal Method: Vertical Method: + ______________      

Area of Polygons

0 Comments June 18, 2018

Area of a Rectangle = Length x breadth Length of a rectangle =  Breadth of a rectangle = Area of a square      = side x side Side of a square = 

Algebraic Expressions

0 Comments June 4, 2018

For Basic Concepts Click the link  http://cbsevalley.com/cbsevalley-r0/index.php/2018/05/29/algebra/ ‎ Factors: When two numbers or variables multiplied, then each of them and its product is a factor of the product. Ex. 3x multiplied by 4y = 12xy, here 12xy is the product and 3x, 4y are the factors. Constant: A term in an algebraic expression which has a […]


0 Comments June 3, 2018


Comparing Quantities Solved Problems

0 Comments May 30, 2018

a) Mr. Sathya earns Rs. 9000 for 15 days of work. How much she will earn if she work for 28 days? Amount Mr.Sathya earns for 15 days = 8500Rs. Amount he earns for 1 day                   =  = 600Rs. Amount he earns for 28 days      […]

Ratio and Proportions


The method finding the value of one unit from the value of the given numbers of items and using this value finding value of required number of items is called unitary method. Example If the cost of 8 kg of potato  is 56 Rs, what will be the cost of 6 kg? Cost of 8 […]

Percentage and its Applications


For every hundred or out of every hundred or per hundred means percent. It is denoted by the symbol %. For example, if we say Harry got 85 per cent marks in Science means he got 85 out of 100 ie. .   To convert a fraction into percent we must multiply both the numerator and […]

Powers and Exponents Exercise with Answers


Q1 : Find the value of a.       b.      c.      d.      e.      f.      h.      i.      Answers: a.  40000 b. -19683 c.  1 d.  0 e.  32768 f.  -102400 h. 2401 i. 1

Powers and Exponents


Very large numbers can be expressed easily using exponential notation or power notation.  Example:                    The weight of the planet Earth  .   Light travel at a speed of .                    The distance of the Earth from the Sun is . […]